Are Jilz Crackers products grain free or gluten free?
Absolutely! Our products are both wheat and gluten free, always.

Are Jilz Crackers products Non-GMO certified?
Yes, all our products are certified by the Non-GMO Project verified.

Are Jilz Crackers products nut free?
No, all our products contain Tree Nuts: Almond allergen.

Are Jilz products Keto and Paleo friendly, Vegan and Kosher?
Big yes, all our products are Vegan, Kosher certified and are Keto and Paleo friendly.

Are Jilz Crackers products egg free, Diary free?
Yes, our crackers do not contain eggs or dairy.

Do Jilz products contain any of the “Top 8” food allergens?
Yes, our product contains “tree nuts” Almond.

Do Jilz Crackers products contain any artificial preservatives, artificial colors or added flavorings?

No, our products do not contain artificial preservatives, artificial colors or added flavorings.

Is your manufacturing plant a gluten-free Crackery?
Yes, Jilz Crackers owns a gluten free facility. Jilz don’t import any ingredients that contains gluten, this leaves no scope for cross-contamination.

Are Jilz Crackers products manufacturers in green processing facility?

Yes, Jilz Crackers manufacturers its crackers in green processing facility.

What is the shelf life of Jilz Crackers products?
All our crackers have a 7-month shelf life.

Where will you find the Best By date on Jilz packaging?
The best-by date can be found at the bottom of our boxes.
Format- MMM DD YYYY = JAN 01 2020.

Where can we find Jilz products in our area?
You can find our products in your area by using our store locator.

Can I buy Jilz Crackers products online?
Yes. Please visit our shop page.

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