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Whether you're a Keto-Head, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Vegan, or Paleo - the snack possibilities are endless with your favorite JILZ crackers.

A Bold New Take On Plant-Based Products

The JILZ Way Of Thinking

At Jilz, we believe that creating a better planet starts with creating a better, plant-based way of eating. It's our mission to provide delicious snacks for whatever diet you're on (or not on), and to help create a more sustainable world with less environmental impact.

Now more than ever we're aware of how carnivorous, processed diets affect our bodies and our planet. So take a small step, and start eating greener with Jilz.

About Jilz Snacks

Since 2013, Jilz has been making your hummus less lonely with plant-based snack options that's not just vegetables. Our snacks were created for everyone - No, really.

We check all the boxes: gluten-free, vegan, paelo and keto friendly, not to mention the best flavors on the market. When it comes to Jilz, you don't have to sacrifice taste to live better.

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"Are you ready to fall in love with crackers again!? Jill has given hope to those who are gluten-free. I can not stop eating them! My toddler said, "these are scrumptious, mama!" Praise Jill for creating a cracker that appeals to all palettes! I'm a fan for life!"

- Vanessa Zinke, @Vanessa_Eats_Clean_Food

“Jilz Crackerz are by far the best tasting crackers I’ve ever had, gluten-free or otherwise! And the ingredients couldn’t be better, which is why they’re the only brand I feed my family.”

- Kelly Brozyna, author, blogger and genius behind

“Jilz crackerz are my favorite grain-free crackers, hands down. They’re a one-two punch: amazing flavor, texture, and taste, but with an unparalleled nutritional profile. No other gluten- or grain-free cracker comes close to matching Jilz in both categories.”

- Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint and

"“Jilz has taken the “guilty” out of guilty pleasure! These crackers are my go-to snack of choice at home or on the go!”

- Leslie Klenke, author of Paleo Girl

“When I first discovered Jilz Crackers I felt like I hit the healthy snack jackpot! These crackers are honestly the best crackers I have ever tasted. With their nutrient-dense ingredients and unique flavor profiles, I always feel satisfied and nourished AND recommend them to all my clients. My favorite flavor is Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt. Thank you Jill for creating the cracker of the century!”

- Marlyn Diaz, Clinical & Holistic Nutritionist